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Teeth Whitening Specialist

The Dental Center of Hercules

Lovely C. Manlapaz Teodoro, DDS

Cosmetic, Implant, and General Dentistry located in Hercules, CA

Whitening your teeth up to 10 shades can improve your self-confidence and give you the desire to smile more often. At The Dental Center of Hercules in California, Lovely Manlapaz Teodoro, DDS, can help enhance your smile through the use of Sinsational Smile®, a 20-minute in-office teeth whitening treatment using an LED light. The other option is an in-office laser treatment or an at-home teeth whitening kit. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth a few shades, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Teeth Whitening

What are the different teeth whitening options?

Dr. Teodoro and her staff at The Dental Center of Hercules offer three convenient and affordable teeth whitening treatments that can improve your confidence and self-esteem while making you feel younger and more attractive. The teeth whitening options include:

  • Sinsational Smile in-office teeth whitening
  • In-office laser whitening
  • Take-home teeth whitening kit

What can I expect during teeth whitening?

If you choose to whiten your teeth in-office at The Dental Center of Hercules with a laser, it only takes an hour and can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades. The first step is for Dr. Teodoro and her staff to insert cheek retractors in your mouth and apply whitening gel on your teeth. Dr. Teodoro’s staff then use a laser light to activate the whitening gel. The treatment produces immediate results.

The other in-office teeth whitening option is a 20-minute treatment called Sinsational Smile. This treatment uses Dr. Teodoro’s patented pre-filled silicone tray and an LED light that quickly activates the whitening gel ingredients. You’ll also receive a take-home maintenance pen to keep your smile as white as possible.

Dr. Teodoro also offers a take-home whitening solution which produces excellent results over a longer period of time. Usually, you’ll see the best results when you continue the whitening process for 10 to 14 days.

For optimal results, Dr. Teodoro recommends you visit The Dental Center of Hercules to consult with her over which teeth whitening option best suits your needs.

What can I expect after my teeth whitening treatment?

After your whitening treatment, you can expect your results to last anywhere from six months to over a year depending on your oral health habits. Dr. Teodoro recommends you minimize the amount of food and drink that can stain your teeth such as coffee, red wine, or red meat. In addition, you should not be smoking as this will stain your teeth.

Is it safe to whiten my teeth?

Whitening your teeth is considered safe as long as it’s done in moderation. Whether you choose an in-office or take-home whitening solution from The Dental Center of Hercules, you may experience teeth sensitivity or irritated gums. These symptoms should subside within a few hours following either treatment.

To dramatically alter your smile using in-office or take-home tooth whitening solutions, contact Dr. Teodoro and her staff at The Dental Center of Hercules or book your appointment online.