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TDCOH Dental Savings Plan


TDCOH Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Lovely has put together a simple dental savigs plan (DSP) that keeps quality dental care affordable for her patients but eliminates the expense and cumbersome limitatiions of traditional dental insurince plans.


Yearly Membership Dues / FEE

  • First Member of Household / $499
  • Second Family Member / $449
  • Each Additional Member / $399

PLEASE NOTE: Membership fee must be paid up front and results in one year membership from time of first service. All family members must live in the same household.



  • Examination
    • Comp/Periodic Exam (2/year) 100%
    • Additional Exam (Emergency-1/year)
  • Radiographs
    • Full Mouth X-rays (1/5years) 100%
    • Bitewings (1/year) 100%
    • Periapical (first film + 2 additional/year) 100%
  • Preventative
    • Adult Cleaning (2/year) 100%
    • Child Cleaning (2/year) 100%
    • Fluoride (2/year) 100%
    • Sealant 50%


All of our dental services are offered at 20% less than the normal office fees. Payment for the below services is due at the time of service and all payments are made directly to The Dental Center of Hercules.

PeriodonticsRestorative (Fillings)
Crown/BridgesRoot Canal Treatment
ExtractionsDenture Full or Partials
Perio Maintaince

Sign up for the TDCOH Dental Savings Plan today and start saving!


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