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Crowns And Bridges Specialist

The Dental Center of Hercules

Lovely C. Manlapaz Teodoro, DDS

Cosmetic, Implant, and General Dentistry located in Hercules, CA

Do you have a damaged tooth in need of fixing? Are you missing a tooth and would like to cover the gap to avoid having future dental problems? If so, Lovely Manlapaz Teodoro, DDS, at The Dental Center of Hercules in California, can help restore your smile by using CEREC® same-day crowns or a dental bridge. To receive the highest quality dental care, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Same Day Crowns and Bridges

What are CEREC same-day crowns?

A CEREC same-day crown is a prosthetic cap which fits over your damaged tooth. They look, function, and feel like real teeth.

By using CEREC technology, you’ll preserve more of your natural tooth structure when Dr. Teodoro shaves down your natural tooth to make room for your crown. The whole procedure is convenient and faster than receiving a traditional dental crown that requires an off-site lab and wait-time of up to two weeks.

CEREC crowns provide you with the following benefits.

  • Strengthening teeth
  • Restoring shape and size to your tooth
  • Protecting a weak tooth
  • Covering discolored teeth

One of the main reasons Dr. Teodoro needs to replace crowns is because of tooth decay growth adjacent to a crown. By having proper dental hygiene habits and visiting The Dental Center of Hercules semiannually for your dental exams, your CEREC crown should last between 15-30 years.

What’s the difference between CEREC crowns and traditional lab made crowns?

There are a few differences between CEREC crowns and traditional crowns. Dr. Teodoro uses CEREC because it allows her to design, make, and place your crown in a single one-hour visit. In addition, your CEREC crown is created through digital imaging so you won’t get teeth impressions. Patients enjoy this benefit because having dental molds taken can be an uncomfortable experience.

With a traditional lab made crown, the process of getting a crown takes two appointments. The first appointment would involve placing a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent one to be made. This takes more time and is inconvenient.

How do same-day crowns and bridges work together?

The most common dental bridge is called a three-unit fixed bridge. If you’re missing a tooth and have natural teeth on both sides of your gap, a bridge fills in that space. The bridge uses a false tooth, known as a pontic, held together by two abutment teeth that anchor onto your natural teeth.

The CEREC technology Dr. Teodoro uses for crowns can also be used to create your dental bridge in a single appointment. Dental bridges help restore your smile, prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, and can last up to 15 years.

If you’re interested in achieving a beautiful smile and improving your oral health, call The Dental Center of Hercules today or schedule your appointment online.