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When to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

When to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

Although there are dozens of over-the-counter whitening products available 一 including toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening strips, and even at-home whitening trays 一 they don’t always deliver the results that you might have expected. 

So when should you reach for over-the-counter products and when should you consider professional teeth whitening? That’s just the question Dr. Lovely Manlapaz Teodoro answers below.

3 reasons to skip the over-the-counter whitening options

While you might use whitening toothpaste or whitening mouthwash at home for additional whitening power, there are three reasons to skip the generic options.

1.You might not get the results you want

Professional teeth whitening, including both in-office procedures and take-home trays, whiten teeth more effectively and more efficiently because they contain higher (stronger) percentages of the whitening agents used in store-bought products. This means our treatments can lift stains quicker and more thoroughly.

2. You might hurt your gums

Whitening treatments aren’t right for everyone, and indiscriminate use could damage your gums. Under the expert care of Dr. Teodoro, your delicate gum tissue is carefully protected during your whitening treatments. 

3. You might not get even results 

Another potential pitfall with generic products is that trays are one-size-fits-all so the whitening gel may not cover your teeth evenly. This can lead to teeth that don’t match each other. If the gel isn’t applied evenly or correctly, it can lead to less-than-desirable results, ineffective results (such as trying to brighten a crown), or damaged gum tissue. 

When to consider professional teeth whitening

Now that we’ve covered a few of the pitfalls of using over-the-counter whitening products, let’s discuss five signs that it’s time to consider professional teeth whitening.  

1. You have tough stains

Stains are the number one reason for considering teeth whitening treatments. Stain can appear yellow or brownish and form as the result of genetics, aging, and eating stain-inducing food like berries, wine, tomato products, tea, coffee, and curry dishes.

If you’re unhappy with stains, teeth whitening can lift the stains. Our laser whitening treatment can brighten your teeth by up to 10 shades!

2. You have a big event coming up

Whether you’re planning a big graduation for the end of this fall semester or you’re planning for a spring wedding, a brilliant smile is the perfect accessory. Teeth whitening can get your smile in tip-top shape so you can smile with confidence.

3. You want to boost your self-confidence

Do stained teeth make you feel self-conscious about your smile? If so, you’re not alone! About one in two people opt for a close-lipped smile to hide teeth imperfections, including stains. Cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, can boost your confidence and help you feel empowered to share your smile with the world.

4. You want to give your smile a makeover

Maybe you’re just ready for a fresh new look? Smile makeovers can address many aspects of your smile that you’re not happy with, and teeth whitening can be part of that plan. For example, you might consider Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten your teeth and then follow up with whitening treatments.

5. Your teeth and gums are healthy

You might also consider professional teeth whitening if your teeth and gums are healthy. Whitening may not be the right treatment (for now) if you have gum disease, abrasions on your gums, abscesses, or infections. It’s always our goal to help you achieve a beautiful, but healthy, smile.

Note: Teeth that have crowns or veneers shouldn’t be whitened. 

Get the smile of your dreams today

If you’re ready for a bright and dazzling smile, Dr. Teodoro can explore all of your whitening options available to you in our Hercules, California, office. We offer three types of progressional-grade whitening treatments:

And even if professional whitening isn’t right for you 一 some stains, including stains from medication, are permanent and won’t respond to any type of whitening treatment 一 our friendly team can help guide you with the cosmetic options that are right for you.

Ready to learn more? Book your teeth whitening consultation today and find out which teeth whitening treatment is right for you.

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