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How Do Braces Work?

How Do Braces Work?

Orthodontic treatments can completely transform your smile. Not only can orthodontic treatments help you achieve cosmetic goals, but they can also help prevent future dental health issues, such as interproximal cavities from crowding. But how exactly do orthodontic treatments work?

While orthodontic treatments all have the same goal 一 to improve your bite and alignment of your teeth 一 each type of treatment works differently. For example, Invisalign® relies on clear aligners while FASTBRACES® uses a system of brackets. 

Below, Dr. Lovely Manlapaz Teodoro explores this topic in more depth.

How do braces work?

All orthodontic systems rely on the same general principle: An orthodontic appliance applies pressure on your teeth and jaws. This constant pressure forces your teeth to change position and shift into the ideal spot. Your jawbone and ligaments are also involved in this process. Periodontal ligaments surround your teeth and bone, and they can stretch. As your teeth move, the ligaments may stretch (or become compressed) in response to your tooth’s movement. New alveolar bone forms to fill in any gaps that may form when the ligaments compress. 

In the case of Invisalign, the clear aligners apply pressure on your teeth, while traditional braces use metal wires and square brackets to exert pressure on your teeth. Here at the Dental Center of Hercules, we also offer FASTBRACES, a system that uses triangle-shaped brackets and square-shaped wires to put pressure on your tooth root as well as your tooth. 

How do FASTBRACES work?

FASTBRACES work similarly to traditional braces but at an accelerated rate. When you receive FASTBRACES, we place triangle-shaped brackets on your teeth. Paired with the square-shaped wires, this system moves both your tooth and the tooth root at the same time, which speeds up the entire tooth-straightening process. 

This design places 87% less frictional force on your teeth than the traditional square brackets and supports healthy alveolar bone growth. Throughout your treatment, you’ll come in for regular adjustments. Each adjustment tightens or adjusts the wires, which encourages tooth and root movement. FASTBRACES treatments can take as little as 100 days.

How do Invisalign trays work?

Invisalign trays aren’t “braces” as most people imagine, but these clear aligners also correct common orthodontic issues. Instead of having multiple brackets, Invisalign only requires a few clear anchors to securely hold your trays in place. Each tray shifts your teeth closer and closer to their ideal location. This system doesn’t rely on wires, but it does require commitment to the process. Each tray must be worn for 20-22 hours each day. Every 1-2 weeks, you’ll replace your clear aligners with new ones. 

Will braces work for you?

Braces are intended to straighten out teeth that are crooked, crowded, or spaced far apart. Braces can also correct malocclusion (bad bites) such as overbite, cross bite, and underbite. 

You might consider orthodontic treatment if:

During your consultation, Dr. Teodoro explores all of your orthodontic options, including both FASTBRACES and Invisalign, to determine which system is right for you.

To schedule a consultation at our Hercules, California, office, call us at 510-254-3328 or use our online booking system.

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