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FASTBRACES® : The Innovative Alternative to Traditional Braces

FASTBRACES® : The Innovative Alternative to Traditional Braces

When you’re ready to transform your smile with orthodontic treatment, you have plenty of options here at The Dental Center of Hercules. Not only does Dr. Lovely Manlapaz Teodoro offer Invisalign® clear removable aligners, but she is also a certified provider for FASTBRACES®

If you’re considering FASTBRACES in Hercules, California, keep reading. We answer all of your questions about FASTBRACES here.


FASTBRACES are an innovative alternative to traditional braces. This bracket system relies on unique triangle-shaped brackets to straighten teeth in a fast, safe, and effective manner. The biggest difference is that the FASTBRACES system uses triangular brackets and square-shaped wires to provide immediate root movement from the very first day of therapy. 

FASTBRACES are suitable for children as well as adults.

Standard FASTBRACES brackets aren’t clear, but discreet clear brackets are available. 

How fast can FASTBRACES really work?

Thanks to the innovative design of the brackets, FASTBRACES do work fast in as little as 100 days. What makes this system work so efficiently is the brackets focus on shifting the crown of your tooth and the root at the same time. This means you can think about your treatment time in terms of days δΈ€ not years!

Research shows that the FASTBRACES bracket system:

Although FASTBRACES work efficiently, the length of your treatment plan is determined by the type and severity of the malocclusions you have. During your FASTBRACES consultation, Dr. Teodoro answers all of your questions, including your estimated treatment time.

Who should consider FASTBRACES?

FASTBRACES is revolutionary, but you might wonder what the advantages of a bracket-based system are. There are many reasons to consider FASTBRACES, including:

The takeaway: FASTBRACES are a quick and efficient treatment that corrects gaps, crowding, and malocclusions.

What is it like to get FASTBRACES?

Just like any orthodontic treatment, FASTBRACES treatments begin a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Teodoro examines your mouth, reviews your treatment goals, and takes scans of your mouth to assess your teeth and bones. 

If FASTBRACES is a good fit for you, we secure onto your teeth triangular brackets, which are then attached to a square wire. You’ll still need regular tightening and adjustments, but because treatment times are generally much shorter, you’ll need fewer adjustments overall. We continue to monitor your progress throughout your treatment. 

Because your brackets are attached to your teeth, at-home oral hygiene is critical. Refrain from eating popcorn, hard or sticky candy, or anything hard that could damage your brackets. One of the benefits of FASTBRACES is that you only have to give up these foods for a very short time. Additionally, you can make the most of your treatment by staying diligent with at-home care, including brushing your teeth after each meal and flossing. If you find flossing around wires difficult, consider using a water flosser or special flossing aids.

If you want a straighter, more beautiful smile, consider FASTBRACES. You can request a consultation at our Hercules, California, office by using our online booking system or by calling 510-254-3328. Your new smile could be just 100 days away!

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